Membership Options

In order to gain access to the Nam’dzin section of this website, you need to have been accepted into the programme. If you already have a password, you need to login (on the upper right hand side) to see the Nam’dzin section. If you are already a Nam’dzin but don’t have a password, please contact Naomi (Pema) for access information.

If you are not yet a Nam’dzin, but have attended an event with either Lama Bar-ché Dorje, Mé-sèl Gyalmo or Ta-pön Chhi’mèd please register your interest here. 

Paying your Nam’dzin Membership Dues

All nam’dzins pay annual “membership dues” to Ling Gésar Gar-tak in America and to Sang-ngak-chö-dzong in Britain to assist with the organization and running of teachings, production of necessary implements and gTérma treasures, hiring of halls, purchasing insurance and so forth. The membership dues are currently $100/£60/€75 per annum. Nam’dzins usually pay their dues in one annual payment, but there are options to make smaller, regular payments if you prefer.

In Europe and the UK, membership payments should be set up on the Aro Subscriptions site.

In North America, please contact Sang-gye A-tsal with any payment queries.

Having trouble accessing the Nam’dzin contents page?

If you’re already registered but can’t access the Nam’dzin contents page, email Rin’dzin or Naomi