Nam’dzin originates in the Gong gTér of Ling Gésar – a visionary Mind revelation of Rang-rig Togden. Rang-rig Togden received this Gong gTér directly from Thangtong Gyalpo – who was one of the major Nyingma gTértöns – discovers of Padmasambhava’s revelation teachings. He was a Renaissance figure much like Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a scientist, architect, engineer, inventor, astronomer, doctor, artist, sculptor, poet, and dramatist.

Nam’dzin means ‘holder of the Nam’gyürs’. The word nam’gyür means ‘demeanours’ – and a holder of the nam’gyürs is ‘one who is possessed by the Nam’gyürs’. The practice of Nam’dzin unites the practical and psychophysical trainings of Buddhist warriorship. These trainings are embodied—through presence and demeanour—both as a spiritual path and way of being in the world. The Nam’gyürs are an essential method of maintaining commitment to that which has been discovered through transmission – as the ongoing experimental experience of embodiment.

The Nam’dzin Programme provides the essential mode of Nam’dzin for those who feel inspired to participate. This introduction communicates the flavour of the practice – perhaps to pique interest in those who feel a connection.

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